Big Spread - Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 12.35.49 PM.png

California Dreamin'....Nothing but fun, smiles and great company. A good time was had by all on the red carpet at this year's Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival. Thank you IMA Content and Maria Vascsak for producing an awesome event! And thanks, of course, for inviting me to present a couple of awards. Joined by my colleagues Micke Spreitz and Angelika Roberts who hosted the event. Former Miss World, Ann Sidney who also presented some awards, talented screenwriter Lee Schiller and inimitable designer Guity Soussanbari Betbadel. 

Gray Ground - New Series

Working on a really cool new project with NYLA Films called GRAY GROUND. Written and directed by the awesome Jessica Dunn. Having the best time working with Anthony T. Solano and Jennette Nelligan. Please take a look at the trailer and full info about helping get this project completely funded 
It is utterly thought provoking. Striving for that colorless idyllic place we all wish we lived in.

Stockholm Film Festival 2016 - How To Tell You're a Douchebag

What a great way to end the season. HOW TO TELL YOU'RE A DOUCHEBAG had its European premiere screening at Stockholm Film Festival 2016. We started the year with our world premiere screening at SUNDANCE and ended it in my country of birth. That is just awesome. Thanks to my incredible manager at IMA International Management Agency, Maria Vascsak, for going to the screening along with Lina Fredlund and grabbing this fun shot of me with the audience below. 


Was at the screening of HOW TO TELL YOU'RE A DOUCHEBAG out at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) Saturday night. Completely sold out! The movie was so good. Hadn't seen it before. My scene got lots of laughs. The cast and crew who were there were all asked up on stage afterwards. They actually added a screening for Sunday since it sold out Saturday. Which is awesome. Tahir Jetter, writer/director, did such a great job on this film. So happy to have been a part of it. If you see it playing somewhere do yourself a favor and get a ticket.