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After spending my first years in Austin, Texas, I moved with my family to Sweden. Spent the next bunch of years doing what other normal kids do…..being miserable in school and wanting something different, something interesting to happen!

I used to take it upon myself, every Friday afternoon, to make up some kind of performance for the other kids in the class. Sometimes my seemingly never ending improvisational plays would spill over into the halls where the rest of the school would have a look-see.

That was when I was at my happiest growing up; enjoying the escapism of the last hours of school at the end of the week…..I’ll never forget the pride I felt after having won first prize for the best magic trick; making a drop of water come from a quarter. Ah yes, the Snickers bar I won is the best I’ve ever had. Sorry, there will naturally be no revealing of trade secrets here.

After high school I attended ‘Artisten’ at the University of Gothenburg. The program was both practical and theoretical, so I did a lot of reading of the classics at that time. During this period I also directed and acted in a children’s play in my hometown of Kinna. That was scary, to say the least.

At one point I was asked by someone what I wanted to do with my life. Naturally I replied that I wanted to go to New York and become a famous actress. Well, it so happens that the person I spoke with gave me the opportunity to take an apartment right in the heart of midtown Manhattan but it also meant that I’d have to leave Sweden the following month. Needless to say, my cool demeanor changed drastically. Perhaps I wasn’t 'all that' after all…..now that a real chance to go presented itself.

When I asked my amazing parents what they thought, they gave me the most important advice of my life...'we don't want you to go...but you have to.'

Well, after about an hour of severe anxiety attacks (I jest) I decided to go. The best decision ever.

Then came the awful years of obligatory table waiting. Something I’d never done before, but quickly had to learn in order to deal with savvy New Yorkers who knew exactly what they wanted, how and WHEN. In all fairness I must say that I did enjoy schmoozing with the customers and made a lot of wonderful friends and acquaintances who are still important in my life.

Then I was accepted into the Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting, where I completed their Graduate program. This was a great experience. The faculty there is the best in the country. And the acting philosophy suited me perfectly. Acting is reacting. Just get out there and do it.

Since graduating I have done all kinds of theater, film, commercial and print work in New York. I have a national commercial about to run for ESTROVEN and just had a Co-Star role on RED OAKS, an Amazon Studios original TV series.

I have also done some work in Sweden. Being bilingual, thanks to having one parent of each, I have been able to do that.

I live in New York City at the moment, but travel to Sweden quite a bit to visit with my family and to work.

-Elise Rovinsky